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Lone Star Bavarian has been servicing BMW vehicles in the DFW area since 2001. We are proud to offer our neighbors a clean facility for their automotive service with top-of-the-line quality parts, and best-trained staff in the area. We aren’t just BMW technicians, we have owned BMWs for decades and have years of experience to make your service faster and more reliable than the other guys.


BMW Company Recent History

BMW has an outsized reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology in the automotive field. This was garnered from their “New Class” of cars that were released in the 1970s and continued through the 1980s. Since 2002, BMW has focussed less on keeping value in the car from sturdy construction and reliability. As more expensive technology has taken over the design process, in addition to becoming more integrated into the systems of the vehicle; BMW has lowered their emphasis on long-term reliability and so all current BMW drivers have a harder, more expensive experience owning these vehicles. We can help you trust your Bimmer’s reliability by keeping tabs on all of your BMWs systems every time you come in for service.

* Please call for more information any time

3-series/4-series and Z3/Z4

-Oil & Filter Change

-Brake Repairs

-BMW Factory Scheduled Inspection

-Transmission Services & Repairs

5 Series

Oil & Filter Change Service with no stripped drain-plug (*like the quickie lube guys)
BMW Factory-recommended CBS Inspection Service

Fuel Filter / Fuel Pump replacement

Cabin-Air Filter replacement

Brake Repairs

Transmission Repair & Service

Drivetrain & Suspension Component Repair

Premium Quality Parts for your Safety


6/7 Series

Oil & Filter Change
BMW Factory-recommended ‘CBS’ Inspection Service

Transmission Repair & Service

Brake Repairs


Oil & Filter Change
Factory-recommended Inspection Service
*Note on transmission services and “lifetime fluid”. We recommend servicing the transmission, at a minimum, every 60,000 miles in order to ensure longevity of the transmission’s internal components. Failure to follow this maintenance regimen can results in needed repairs/replacement of the transmission totalling $4k+ as early as 110,000 miles.
Valve adjustment

Brake fluid flush

Coolant flush
-Note: Neglecting to flush coolant per BMW’s recommended 36 month interval may result in premature failure of or damage to the water pump and other cooling system components. Always use genuine BMW coolant only.

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Repairing a BMW ZF 6hp26 Transmission

Worn clutch disc on top left, worn bushing on the right.

Lone Star Bavarian Logo -Ft. Worth European Auto Service

Worn bushing causes wear in E piston

Piston seal deterioration.

When the 6hp26 is removed we always have to look for greenish leaks from crank seal and upper coolant passage. This one was leaking from the upper passage.

Mechatronics seal in the 6hp26 and 6hp19 will crack with age and miles and cause the trans to leak pressure. The common characteristic of this is when you shift into drive or reverse it immediately shifts itself back into park

Mechatronics seal in the 6hp26 and 6hp19 will crack with age and miles and cause the trans to leak pressure. The common characteristic of this is when you shift into drive or reverse it immediately shifts itself back into park

These two pics show wear from mileage and improper service regimens.

This E Clutch was in a lower mileage 6hp26 that had been run low on fluid from a leak that was left unattended. If you service with us regularly, we catch these leaks early so you won't need expensive services like these, as early as shown in this case.

Burnt E Clutch - BMW Transmission Repair Ft Worth Dallas

This is the same 6hp26 transmission with low mileage wear from unattended leaks.

LonestarTrans filter-pans compare photo

The pan on the left is for non-stop/start transmissions. The stop/start transmissions, on the right have a reservoir that holds fluid and pressure and keeps fluid moving through the transmission when the vehicle stops.

Another view of a cracked mechatronics seal on the right. The pic above is the mechatronics/valve body and the seal is sandwiched between it and the transmission body, inside the pan.

Rub Point in BMW TransmissionBMW Transmission O-ring seal deterioration
I recently had my 2008 M3 at Lonestar Bavarian, the owner himself helped me with the items I needed and his staff was very pleasant to deal with. Super clean shop, will visit again and suggest to anyone with a BMW or Mini Cooper.
Brian M.
Brian M.
16:27 06 Jul 15
Always thankful for local service! Thanks for taking care of us and getting us safely back on the road quickly!
Naomi M.
Naomi M.
17:30 31 Aug 20
Received some fantastic advice from these guys. They took the time to explain all the details.
craig Z.
craig Z.
00:23 30 Jul 18
Lone Star Bavarian was highly recommended, by every present and/or former BMW owner I inquired with in the Fort Worth area, and now I know why. Trent, and his entire team, are professional, polite, detail oriented, and, above all honest & thorough. I will now be a customer for life !
Chris K
Chris K
12:31 07 Aug 18
Trent and his Team of amazing MBZ techs sure make it easier keeping Miss Kay (1991 MBZ 300D) stay on the road. Always a smile on her and a bit more get up and go in her Turbo after visiting Lone Star Bavarian. I am sure there are less expensive places but I also don't take my loved ones to a roadside clinic for healthcare. 29 year old MBZ and running, I'll stick with Lone Star Bavarian!
Jay M.
Jay M.
20:32 21 Oct 19
I have been taking my cars to Lone Star Bavarian since 2004. They are honest, very knowledgeable and their technicians are experienced and well trained. I try to do most of the work on my cars myself, but when I can't (no time, too hot in garage or beyond my abilities), I trust LSB to do the job right.
James R.
James R.
23:47 11 Nov 11
his place is absolutely second to none if you need hard to find, obscure parts for your Bavarian beast. I have an E24 that I got from California, drove to South Carolina in, without fault, and then once here it started acting a fool. No place around here offers a selection that Lone Star Bavarian does and I was able to get a few pieces over-nighted to me all the way from texas, in less than 24 hours. Trent went out of his way to make sure that I was got my parts as soon as possible because I was in a bind (the E24 is my DD). So I, I certainly recommend anyone who has a passion for getting down and dirty with their Bimmer to look up Trent at Lone Star Bavarian and get your hook up there! I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Trent!Not to be totally stuck up, but I'm really picky on where I get my stuff. The E24 is my passion, my buddy, almost like my best friend, and long story short, I found myself at a pick in pull looking over a semi rotted out carcass of an e28 knowing that "it'll get me by" but my conscience took over and I dropped my tools right there. I knew I'd get exactly what I needed from Lone Star, and so I left. I wouldn't send anyone anywhere else. An absolute mecca for knowledge, parts and service. I'm all the way in South Carolina and I'd have my car towed there JUST because I trust his service. (If I find myself in Texas).Impeccable service. Second to non!
Nikki W.
Nikki W.
19:21 11 Aug 15
Amazing experience. Very happy to have worked with Trent. Great person. I recommend this company
German Audio T.
German Audio T.
18:32 16 Sep 19
Trent and his team are great! I've got a high mileage BMW so I know there's going to be things that need to be fixed. Anytime I get into a situation that I can't do myself, I go to Lone Star and they always take great care of me and my car.
Jason C.
Jason C.
17:14 17 Jun 19