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"My water pump went bad while running an errand down Camp Bowie with my 3 month old grandson. What would have normally sent me into a tail spin was not a problem as I knew exactly who to call. It was so comforting to know that with one phone call I would be taken care of. Just hearing Jennifer's sweet voice calmed me down. My car was done by the very next day! Trent Cole and his amazing team were definitely my heros on this day! Thank you Lone Star Bavarian Motors, you are amazing!!!"

-Kelly S. of Ft. Worth

Weekly Maintanance Tips


If you are noticing some steering wheel vibration on the highway and any adverse tire wear, your alignment may be chewing up your tires faster than they should be wearing?

Improperly adjusted alignments can significantly shorten the life of those nice new tires you have. So schedule an appointment to have your alignment adjusted to proper specifications.

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"We can repair most of your ailments... EXCEPT this one!"

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