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If you are noticing some steering wheel vibration on the highway and any adverse tire wear, your alignment may be chewing up your tires faster than they should be wearing?

Improperly adjusted alignments can significantly shorten the life of those nice new tires you have. So schedule an appointment to have your alignment adjusted to proper specifications.

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The History

Lone Star Bavarian is the creation of Trent Cole, motivated by his wife Patricia when he asked her, ”Do you think it would be feasible to raise the roof on the garage so that I can install a lift or two?” Trent was an enthusiast of BMWs many years before opening his shop and out of that spirit came the passion to build a business based around servicing the BMW vehicles. Trent will tell you that their success is based on giving clients what they expect from an auto service facility.

Trent and Patricia Cole formed Lone Star Bavarian in January of 2001 and financed it solely with their savings and a small SBA loan. They started with one lift, a small amount of equipment and just Trent. The official gross receipts for that month were far less then the total of all of the bills, but none the less they we were off and going. With a start in a small 2500 square foot building, the buisness eventually moved in 2008 to a 13,000 square foot, current location.

Prior to entering the automobile service industry he spent 15 years in restaurant/hotel management. Since BMW, Mercedes and Mini service is just that, SERVICE, he wanted to bring the experience gained over those years in the hospitality industry. He will go on to tell you, “By combining the experience of my past career with current expert tools, technology, technicians and support staff, we are able to give our clients more then they expect and in many cases surpass the service they were getting at the dealership or past independent shop. Our team is second to no others and we have a lot of pride in doing it right, making it right and having a good time in the process! It really comes down to giving others what I would expect myself if I were in their shoes.”

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