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If you are noticing some steering wheel vibration on the highway and any adverse tire wear, your alignment may be chewing up your tires faster than they should be wearing?

Improperly adjusted alignments can significantly shorten the life of those nice new tires you have. So schedule an appointment to have your alignment adjusted to proper specifications.

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We are GREEN!

Being Green is a loose term at this time and many companies want to claim this designation. We do not claim to be a "Certified Green" business. What we do claim is that we to try every day to be a responsible business when it comes to waste and doing what we can to save, recycle, and keep our immediate natural surroundings clean, as well as those that are effected by the resources and products we use. We are committed to a continuing effort for the Green movement. But even before this became a main stream issue, Lone Star Bavarian was doing its part to be a responsible business. After all, no one business or individual is going to change the world because; it is the combined effort of all that will make the major difference. We challenge all of our peers to get on board and do their part. We would hope that they would share as we have so we can all learn from each other. In addition, if you, as the consumer and client, have suggestions, we want to hear from you. Anything that is doable will be considered by our team.

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- Our recycling bin is bigger than our trash dumpster! This means that less paper and plastic waste make it to our the landfills and every little bit counts! We have to pay extra to recycle but we have the benefit of utilizing the same trash collection company that does local curbside recycling which means that we can keep all paper, plastic and other items that are recycled in the residential curbside program. Traditionally this is not available to commercial clients. Our recycling bin is actually an 8 yard container and many weeks we come close to filling it, however, where-as our trash bin which is appx. 6 yards, is almost never more than half full.

- Whenever we do any type of construction project in the building we do our best to re-use items that have come from other projects. This means a sheet of plywood that is no longer used waits to be used for another project instead of being thrown away

- We use special drip pans to collect oil, coolant, and other fluids used in your vehicle so that we can dispose of each them properly, without any harm to the surrounding environment.

- All oil, transmission and power steering filter elements are properly recycled.

- We take our used oil/transmission fluid and put it in a tank connected to a our waste oil burner to create heat in the winter for our shop, without needing power from the grid. This reduces the amount of waste oil that has to be treated, and in turn reduces power usage. The oil that is not used to heat our shop for short winter is properly recycled with a local vender that disposes/recycles the oil according to proper local and federal code.

- Yes, we have an air conditioned shop, but in order to make it a green operation we have fitted an external tank to the air conditioner unit to reclaim the condensation the unit produces. This means that we can save water from our main system. We use the water in this tank for windshield washer fluid, coolant systems, and to clean our floors! In the summer we collect upwards of 150 gallons of condensation in this tank, each week. It is estimated that we save over 7500 gallons of water each year! That’s the equivalent of over more than 150 bathtubs full of water, or about 1 average sized backyard in-ground swimming pool!

-We have a skylight system in the shop that keeps us from having to turn the over-head lights on. Without using the large lights to light up the shop we save almost $700/yr. When this is calculated to kilowatt hours it is around 5,300, which is equal to over 2 tons of coal saved a year!

- We have drought tolerant plants in our flower beds, which means that once they are established, they use less water than typical shrubs and grasses. The reason we do this is because it helps reduce our water consumption and we love the look of native Texas plants!

- We collect all of the scrap metal that comes off a car when parts are being changed. This means that when you get new brakes, your old ones are not thrown away. They are put into one of our designated metal bins to be taken to a local scrap metal recycling center at a later time. To further these efforts we separate ferrous and non-ferrous metal so that it is more easily sorted for the maximum amount of efficiency.

*Items that are sent regularly include: brake pads and rotors, copper wiring, water pumps, misc. engine components, suspension, shocks and many, many other metal components.

- As Federally mandated by the EPA, we recycle all refrigerants from vehicles that are captured and stored when A/C work is performed.

- We are currently researching ways to keep our green efforts growing. This means we are looking into solar and wind power to cut our cost of energy and to take a load off of the power grid. We are also researching having a rainwater collection unit (called a cistern) installed to collect rainwater so we can use it for irrigation and other areas. We strive to make every effort to keep our business green and efficient for the benefit of the environment and us all.

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